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Beaucoup dénigmes = Beaucoup de fautes

Impossible de samuser. Les phrases ne respectent pas la langue française, il manque des mots. Il y a énormément dénigmes, cest dommage.

Déçue, plein de fautes dorthographe

Je suis très déçue de ce site car il est plein de fautes dorthographe et de français. Ce site pourrait être très bien si on comprenait les énigmes !


This app is really interesting! It has alot of riddles and stuff. What i really like is that there are no ads at all! Reccomend this app to people of all ages.

Incorrect Answers

Half the brain teasers make no sense and several of the math problems are wrong - 4/(4*4*4) = 1/16 not 20. I guess you get what you pay for.

Sooo funny:)

Completely hilarious but some math is rong and some make no sense

Brain teasers #78

What is unique about this sentence: The quick red fox jumped over the brown lazy dog. The sentence used every letter of the alphabet. Wrong there is no "S" but there are some good jokes

Too many popups

Cant even navigate through the app bc of the constant prompts to play a farming game. Deleting it now


Dont bother with this app unless you love pop up ads, cause thats all it is.

Dont download

Ads pop up every time you open a new question. Super annoying!!

Great brain work

Amazing app for wasting time on road trips. Works your brain and is so much fun with the whole family playing together to find clues from one host

Waaaay too many ads!

Incredibly difficult to enjoy with an ad popping up every couple minutes! Too frusterating. Had to uninstall.

Sooo mannnnyy aaaaaads

The riddles Ive seen so far have been subpar but I can barely even get through any to really rate them because the ads are so overbearing. Theres a banner across the top and without even touching anything a full screen ad comes up every twenty seconds or so... almost impossible to enjoy.

Too many ads!!

Can barely use the app cuz of the ads. Pops up every 20 seconds or so, and you have to wait an extra 5 seconds before you can close it.

Atroce traduction française

Les énigmes ne fonctionnent pas du tout car la traduction française est très mauvaise.

Hilariously great

Tons of fun!!! Hours of enjoyment! You will love these original and... Out there riddles you will literally laugh until you are in pain at the hilariously badly written riddles with mismatched answers

J ai mal au français

Aucun sens en français meme que les reponses (disons que votre anglais est assez bon pour vous auto traduire histoire que la question aie du sens) fait reference au jeu de mots en anglais donc, votre reponse doit aussi etre en anglais... Sauvez vous du temps achetez le dans la langue d origine; sauf si vous voulez jouer à tentons de google-translater les enigmes (peut etre un passe temps interessant)


Nice, but can you please darken the letters that you type with so their easier to see? Thanks.

WAY TOO EASY!!!!!!!!!!

Its is just way too easy to figure these out. There is no real challenge. Beat the whole game in first half hour of playing

Hate it

My 3 year old sister could come up with riddles that make more sense than these. Do you people even read what is posted? I wanted to hang myself after only 2.

Its ok

I noticed that this one isnt true: What is unique about this sentence: The quick red fox jumped over the brown lazy dog. The sentence used every letter of the alphabet. No, it doesnt have s or v

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