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Riddles & Brain Teasers With Answers

4.2 ( 5072 ratings )
ゲーム エンターテインメント 教育 ファミリー
開発者 IDZ Digital Private Limited

* Major update with 400 brand new Rebus and Word puzzles.
**NEW: How smart are you? Can you solve these rebus puzzles and riddles? With hundreds of rebus puzzles, riddles and brain teasers, this fun game is as interesting as it gets! Solve all kinds of puzzles and riddles, from funny riddles to logical ones!
Stuck on a question? Use hints to answer or ask your friends for help by sharing the riddle on Facebook or Whatsapp!

The game has 8 levels: 2 rebus puzzles levels and 6 riddles levels. As you progress in the game, the levels get tougher. So put on your thinking cap and start playing!

You can also browse riddles and brain teasers. There are over 3000+ riddles and brain teasers for you. Rack your brains and try to solve different types of riddles and brain teasers. Share them with friends and challenge them to solve the same. Totally free app!
We have riddles in the following categories:
* Brain Teasers
* Funny Riddles
* Logical Riddles
* Math Riddles
* Name The Object
* Name The Person
* Riddles With Words
* What is it?
* Animals
* Fruits and Vegetables


• 2 Rebus Levels
• 2 Movies Rebus Level
• 6 Riddles and Puzzles Levels
• Use hints: Reveal A Letter, Remove Letters, Ask A Friend, Reveal Answer
• Earn more coins by watching videos and taking offers
• Over 3000+ riddles and brain teasers.
• Many categories to choose from.
• Totally free. No in-app purchases.
• Share riddles with friends on Email, Facebook, etc.